Link to a PDF or Other File (Drupal Express)

  1. Highlight the words you want to turn into a link to your PDF file.
  2. Choose the "LinkIt button." 
  3. Choose “Open file browser” in the pop-up box that appears.

  4. Click on the “Documents” folder.

  5. In the upper left corner of this pop-up window, click on “Upload” and then click on the “Browse” button.
  6. Choose the file you want to add from your computer and then click on the “Upload” button at the bottom.
  7. In the file list on the right, highlight your file by clicking on it, and then choose “Insert File” from the buttons at the top.
  8. In the first pop-up box, you will now notice that the "Target Path" is filled in, with your file’s name at the end of it.  Click the “Insert Link” button.

  9. The words you highlighted in the beginning will now link to the PDF you uploaded. Hurrah for your successful PDF placement!