About Carousels and Slides

First of all, using a Carousel is optional on your website. As you will see below, the images needed to make Carousel Slides are BIG. So, if you don't have regular access to large, high-resolution images, you can turn off the Carousel.

Carousel Slide

A carousel slide is a rather large picture. 

  • The picture is usually paired with teaser text and a link to another page.
    A carousel slide is typically 2000 pixels wide by 750 pixels tall.  That is big! There is a white box overlay on the image that contains text and a link to another page.
  • Carousel slides are displayed via a carousel.


The carousel is just a container that holds slides.

  • You typically find carousels on the homepage.
  • Slides go into the carousel and the carousel rotates them around. (Think of a slide projector.)Kodak slide projector
  • You can have only one slide in a carousel, or you can have several (although we recommend that you limit it to three).